Summer Beauty Survival Kit

It’s here!!  The unofficial start to the summer, or better yet, Memorial Day.  First, let’s take a moment to thank all of the brave men and women who serve or have served to protect our freedom.  THANK YOU!!!

Now, as we kick start the beginning of pool days and sun rays, let’s talk about some essentials that will make surviving this summer a breeze.  For one, the proper outdoor protection is crucial.  So stocking up on some sunscreen is a must every year for me.  Don’t forget that sunscreen does expire, so you want to make sure your SPF is still kicking.  I usually have one for my face and one for the rest.  I like Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 100.  Now, I’ve heard it doesn’t make any difference once your SPF reaches 50 or 75, but I’m going to take any extra precaution and do it 100!  Even at my ripe, young age (insert laughing emoji here) I’ve started to notice some fine lines around my eyes, so I don’t play with my face.


They even have a sunscreen stick for babies that is easy to apply and gentle on their face.  The Pure & Free Baby Sunscreen Stick comes in SPF 60 to protect those chubby cheeks. baby sunscreenNow that we have your skin covered, let’s not forget about your hair.  If you’ve ever had your hair treated, you will need to protect your investment.  Getting your hair professionally colored is not cheap.  So why take a chance with sun damage when you can take some extra precaution to keep your tresses looking lovely.  There are a few products I recommend and if you cannot buy them all, at least start with the Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil.  UVA/UVB filters help protect your hair from dryness and it smells AHHHHHmazing!  This baby is part of a 3-part sun care system. The Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser helps remove minerals that are found in pools (thanks chlorine) and may cause discoloration. It also removes salt and product build up, in case you’re hitting the beach this summer. Then you finish off your sun-protection trifecta with the Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque.




Third on our sun-protection crusade is SPF for nails.  Exposure to the sun may cause your fingernails to turn yellow.  So to protect them by applying your favorite nail color.  There is also this polish that claims to protect your nails from yellowing especially if you tan indoors.  I’ve never tried it, but its called Essie Sun-E and I found it on Ebay.  Or you can go my route with some cute polish and generous amounts of sunscreen on my hands.  Also, don’t neglect the back of your hands.  This skin is thin and gets daily exposure to the sun while driving, walking outside, even next to your work window.  So make sure you are slathering on the screen daily.  You can try to ward off the wrinkles on your face all day long, but your hands will tell your age.  Remember that!

One of the hottest items this season will also be a wide-brim hat.  There are plenty of straw hats that are not only cute, but can serve as extra protection against the sun’s harmful rays.  This sweet hat is only $35 at Nordstrom!

Wordplay Floppy Straw Hat

I live in Houston and Summer is the longest season for us.  It usually starts around April and can stretch into November.  Yes!  It’s hot here.  Always.  So I usually try to keep my every day makeup simple.  But one must have is my tinted BB cream.  I use the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream 8-in-1 Skin Protector with SPF 30.  This gives me a bit of coverage while keeping my skin protected.  Now, the sunscreen in this formula does give me a bit of a shine so I have to dust some translucent powder to keep me looking matte.

bb cream

And last on our Summer beauty survival kit is the good ol’ lip balm.  Unless you want dry, flaky lips (not here!) I suggest getting some lip balm with SPF and apply generously and often.  I personally am a Burt’s Bees kind of gal, but their SPF lip balm can only be found online.  So when I am in need I head over to Wal-Mart and pick up the Chapstick Skin Protectant With SPF 15 & Moisturizer.  It doesn’t have a color but it leaves my lips protected.  I like to wear it under some lip gloss to add some shine.

And there you have it folks.  My Summer survival kit.  Obviously, the most important beauty tip is to keep yourself protected from the the sun.  Keep yourself hydrated, drink plenty of water and don’t get shy with that sunscreen!  Stay safe this summer and have fun!!